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Thrilla in vanilla

If anyone had told you three years ago that the heavyweight championship bout of the decade would feature the Federal

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Roadside assistance

A couple of weeks ago, Zonda’s Todd Tomalak published an article in Builder titled “What Does 2023 Have in Common


Smooth sailing

If you’re wishing economists would just make up their minds about whether we’re having a recession or not, you aren’t


Crash pad

November data is in and there are no surprises in the U.S. housing market: Affordability is in the tank and


Free falling

U.S. housing starts fell for the fifth consecutive month in October, landing at 1.425 million annualized. That’s still well above the


Fresh off the truck

By now you’ve probably heard the news: McDonald’s announced that it’s launching a new chain of upscale steakhouses that will


Housing goes on a diet

Technically we are not in a recession because some of the numbers are still strong. Or technically we are in a recession