Escape the rat race! Get rich at home!

This is a shocker if true: CNBC says a whopping two out of three people who receive unemployment benefits are getting more money than they made at their jobs.

We’ve all heard businesspeople and politicians grumble that COVID benefits are too generous. Maybe so, but two things to chew on:

First, if they make more now than they did at work, chances are they qualify for food stamps even when they’re working. If you don’t like welfare for workers, why support welfare for Walmart?

Second, while Baby Boomers and GenXers favor capitalism over socialism two to one, Millennials and GenZers are split 50-50. Right now they make up nearly 40% of voters. By 2028 they’ll be a solid majority, and if they think the system is rigged, they’ll change it.

If you can make more on unemployment than you make working, the problem is not the benefits. The problem is your job.

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